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Custom Design

One area that allows us to really work with our clients is that of custom design. More and more people are discovering that they need not be limited to what they can find in most jewelry stores, or on the internet.  Sometimes jewelry is inherited, and while the desire is there to honor the gift, the style may not fit the recipient's lifestyle. Another example is an “old” wedding or engagement ring that will not be worn, but with stones that can be reset into a contemporary ring or necklace.

We will work with you to determine the style that fits your tastes, and lifestyle. We have a number of catalogs in which you can decide what designs catch your eye, and go from there. We will measure, and grade your stones, and determine how many can be incorporated into your new article of jewelry, and if we have to bring in any more stones to match yours.  The intent is to come up with a design that reflects your individual tastes, to create the ring, or pendant your dreams.  Sometimes the exploration is quick, sometimes it takes hours, but we will work with you all along the way. The hope is that you will have fun with the process.

Toward this end, we have added Computer Aided Design capability to our tool box with over 800 custom designs in our porforlio.

Sometimes the design lends itself well to fabrication – working directly with the metal to produce your jewelry. It doesn't lend itself to in-process changes or adjustments, but for simple designs, or freeform (non-standard shape or size) stones, fabrication can be the right solution. Our jewelers are experienced in the casting and fabrication processes, and can produce a superior item using either.



 That box of broken jewelry – lying in a drawer like little broken dreams – awaiting someone to effect repairs, so that you can enjoy wearing the jewelry again.  Chains get broken, prongs wear thin and stones become loose, or perhaps something more dramatic has damaged a favorite article of jewelry. Our skilled jewelers seem able to work magic, to restore your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry to it's shining  glory! We will examine each item, and provide you with recommendations for repair, and an estimate for the costs, as well as a time frame for completion. You may be comfortable in knowing that we will treat your jewelry with utmost care.

 Of course, we would much rather have you stop by now and then, and let us clean, and inspect your jewelry before you lose any stones! We no not charge to clean and check your jewelry, and “preventive maintenance” is always less expensive than replacing broken components, and stones. Pricing is based on the work to be done, and we will be happy to give you a repair estimate after examining your jewelry.


Computer Aided Design
We have added Computer Aided Design capability to our tool box, and it has added a whole new dimension to the design process. Rick has become amazingly adept with the system, which provides a dynamic interaction in taking the design from concept, to completion. He can often bring up a “rough” design within minutes, and address small changes while you watch. A detailed rendering picture is generated which gives a realistic preview of the item.
Once the design is complete and you have approved it, we choose the appropriate hardware to produce the model for casting.

We use either a 3DPrinter and print your design in a castable resin.

Or a four-axis CNC mill to carve a precise model from a hard wax. Occasionally, a design lends itself more to hand carving , then our master carver produces the wax model. When you have approved the physical model, it is ready to be cast in Gold, Silver or Platinum.

The entire process takes from 1 - 4 weeks.
The “lost wax” method of jewelry production has been around literally, for thousands of years.  

• One or more wax models are mounted in a steel flask, and covered with a plaster-like substance (“investment”), they are connected via a wax channel (The “sprue”), which provides a pathway for the metal to replace the wax.

• Once the plaster has dried, the flask is heated in a kiln to about 1300 degrees (F) over the span of several hours. Within the first hours the wax will liquify, drain out of the flask to be vaporized (it is lost), and a precise mold of the item remains behind.

• The flask is cooled slightly, the loaded into a centrifugal casting machine. A ceramic crucible is moved to  a position near the flask, and the metal heated to a molten state.

• Once the metal has reached the molten state, the centrifuge is released, and the metal is hurled into the flask . It solidifies in seconds, and within a few minutes it has cooled enough to remove the plaster.
Once cast, the article is polished, the stones are set, and the concept has become reality.

Gold Reclamation

Cash in or better yet re-use that old gold and make some new more wearable jewelry.

With the escalating cost of gold, and silver, and increasing awareness of the hazards involved in mining the precious metals, there have been an abundance of individuals offering to buy gold.  
Well before it was fashionable, we offered our clients the option of using their “old” gold or silver  to make new jewelry, or to simply scrap the metal to help defray the costs of repairs of new designs.

We send the gold that we take in to a refiner, and work with refined pure metals. The cost to process this  gold (or silver) is lower than mined ores in both refining costs, and in hazard to our world's environment.